How to Study Math

Written by MJ Santos

September 29, 2019

How To Study Math

Math has always been a dreaded subject. A lot of people get intimidated and finds it hard. What choice do we have?

Math is unavoidable, not just in school but in life in general. Imagine a world without numbers. How will you measure the amount of each ingredient in your food to make a perfect meal? How will you know when they’re coming when there’s no concept of time? In the end, math is always there.

Here are some ways to get you going.


This is the first step and the most crucial part of studying. You have to set your goals and study period that will work for you. As you come up with your goals and reasons to study, you can build a good study habit. It’s important to have self-discipline in studying, you must allot some time where you can completely focus on your subject. You can maintain your focus by creating a good environment for you. A good environment is somewhere you can get your stuff done. Try to limit your distractions and don’t forget to rest. You deserve a reward after you did a good job.

You think you can’t do it? Maybe you need some inspiration. Anyone can do math. You can relate it to the movie “Ratatouille” that anyone can cook.

“Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere”
Ego, from Ratatouille

What does this really mean? Anyone can learn to enjoy and have pleasure cooking, and some gifted people are sometimes not given a chance. The same goes for Math. If I say that everyone is equally gifted in Math, then you know I’m lying. The point is you can appreciate Math.


Every math topics have patterns, processes, and methods in solving them. Recognizing these patterns will help you finish your homework and quizzes. You must learn how to identify the givens or useful information in a problem and the formulas that apply to it. You can write your approach on a step by step basis and then compare this approach to similar problems.

It will also help if you can outline the topics that you’re studying. You’ll better find the connections in each topic and have a better flow in studying.


Understanding math fundamentals and concepts is always better in the long run. Unusual problems can cause panic when taking an exam but if you understand the key concepts you can derive your way to it. You must know how every formula and equation are derived because these concepts will be used in more advanced concepts or real-life applications. Math is cumulative therefore memorizing patterns is not enough. For example, you can’t do calculus without understanding concepts from Algebra and Trigonometry.


Like any other skill, math is the same. To become better, you practice. Practice builds confidence. The more problems you solve, the better. As you make mistakes, you can work through your solutions and you can help yourself avoid them in the future. If you understand all the exercises you did, then you’re ready.


If it didn’t work out well for you then sometimes you need some guidance before becoming an independent learner.

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