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MJ Santos

Math Enthusiast

With the right approach and dedication, I believe anyone can learn math. It takes time for someone to understand something that seems to be hard. We all can improve our skills. If we practice a little more, you’ll feel more confident.

About The Founder

My family regularly encouraged me to sharpen my arithmetic skills throughout my childhood by asking me to perform a series of numerical operations mentally. This ongoing interaction with numbers sparked my interest in mathematics from a young age, leading me to participate in local math competitions as early as first grade, where I consistently emerged victorious.

My mathematical understanding and abilities continued to evolve as I progressed through high school and college. I naturally became the student who frequently answered questions and assisted my peers in grasping mathematical concepts, often achieving perfect or near-perfect scores in the process.

I converted my passion for teaching into a tutoring business. This experience proved enriching, allowing me to learn even as I taught. I discovered effective strategies for engaging with diverse types of students and for helping them comprehend the subject matter. There is something truly gratifying about witnessing the academic growth of my students. 

I am a tech enthusiast with a penchant for video games. I have a voracious appetite for learning and regularly acquire new skills. Throughout my educational journey, I developed coding, photoshop, and design skills. I aim to showcase these skills on my tutoring website here, reflecting my commitment to continual learning and my multifaceted talents.

Growing up, I’ve always been challenged with arithmetic by my family. They will ask a series of operations on numbers, and I will answer them mentally. I’ve always liked math and numbers since I was in elementary school. I’ve joined local math competitions since Grade 1, and I won them. As I entered high school, my math understanding and skills just kept on improving. I’m always the type of student that answer the questions and help my classmates in math. I always have that perfect or close to perfect scores.

As I started college, I turned my hobby of teaching to a part-time job as a tutor. I was hired in Mentorsplus Katipunan, where I taught a lot of math and physics subjects on all levels. In my 3 year experience, I’ve met a lot of students and received a lot of good feedback. It has been a positive experience for me because I also learned while teaching. I learned how to approach different kinds of students and the effective way of making them understand the lesson. It’s rewarding when you see your students improve.

On a more personal level, I’m tech-savvy, and I like to play video games. I love learning new things every day. Along college, I picked up my skills in coding, photoshop, and designing, and I liked to reflect on these skills here on my website.


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