MJ is so smart and reliable. At the same time, he is very patient in teaching. No matter how many times you make him repeat his explanations, he will never do so in a condescending or irritated manner. He also reassures you by giving you a clear outline and goals/targets that you can realistically reach, making you feel confident you’ll pass your upcoming exam. 😊

Angel Lau

Working with MJ was a very pleasant experience as he really took the time to ensure that I understood the math lessons being taught. He is very patient in terms of explaining and reiterating lessons that we can?t understand, resulting in a very productive tutoring session. Would definitely recommend working with him!

Gel Agustin

It was an easy and chill experience. I was able to learn at my own pace because we had one on one sessions. When I didn’t understand or needed to clarify something, he would explain it again until I got the problem, or how the numbers/variables were solved. He was also easy to talk to so I could keep asking questions. From my tutor sessions, I was able to really understand my lesson and get techniques on how to solve them faster and better. I was able to get an A in my following tests. Also, I only had to go for a few times (2-3) for my statistics subject because I was able to get it right away.

Kelsey Peña

Very helpful. MJ was very kind and understanding. I would not have passed my math class without MJ’s help. Very professional and accommodating.

Steffan Stobaugh

Had a great and wholesome experience with my tutor. He listened to me carefully and helped me the way that I needed it. He was extremely helpful and explanatory. Helped me a lot in preparing for an exam. Truly Grateful! Thanks so much!

Erturk Turan