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What do I need?

To connect through online tutoring, you will need a computer (desktop, laptop, or tablet) with a working microphone and camera. Drawing pads are optional for better interactivity. You also have to make sure that you’re in a noise-free environment to avoid distractions.

Soft copies of your course syllabus, homework, etc. can be sent through email. It’s best to have a pen and paper, and a calculator as needed, with you for problem-solving and taking down notes. All the writings in the online whiteboard will be sent to you.

How does online tutoring work?

We’ll be sharing a whiteboard online through bitpaper. A link will be sent to you and you will be redirected to the whiteboard. You have to log in using your email account to join the call. You can see how it works below.

Once we’re set up and we can clearly see and hear each other, we can begin our session. I will upload the problems you need to solve in your homework and I will provide you diagrams that will help you understand the concepts. From here, it’s like in-person tutoring through screen.

How does bitpaper work?

How much does it cost?

I charge $60 per hour. You can pay me via Zelle, PayPal, or Venmo, whichever is convenient for you. I do advise paying before the session, but you can pay after. See policies.

What’s included in this pricing?

Throughout the session, I will figure out the student’s learning style and use the approach that will make sense for him/her. I can help them set realistic goals and give them confidence in achieving them. I ensure a money-back guarantee.

You can see the subjects that I teach here. If you are ready to get started, click here

What if I just have 1 problem to ask?

Online Tutoring is really convenient. It’s not worth driving for a 15 or even 30 minutes session. Let’s say you just have a couple of problems that you need to clarify, then booking for less than an hour will work, but what if you just have 1 problem or question to ask? Good news because I can provide you a solution video that addresses your question/problem. Also, the good thing is it’s free! You don’t have to pay anything.


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