Eugene Math Mentor

EMM educates students of all levels in understanding math fundamentals. I offer math help and enrichment that will help you achieve your goals and I will teach you with an approach that will make sense for you. EMM is your academic partner and math tutor.




My first goal is to give the students motivation to study. I’ll help them set their goals and guide them in creating reasons to study. I’ll make math interesting for them and be creative as I teach math concepts. I make sure to praise them on their successes to help them maintain their study habits.


As we go through examples, I’ll show them different methods and approaches to know which is the most effective way for them. I’ll provide the steps to answering different kinds of problems. I’ll make sure that they finish their homework with these patterns.


I’ll make sure that they understand each concept and formula. I’ll show them future topics or real-life applications that are connected with their current lessons.


I’ll provide them enough exercise until they’re confident and ready for their exams.


In-Person Tutoring

  • Provides in-person assistance, and guidance in Math.
  • Hands-on-Learning

Online Tutoring

  • Provides online assistance, and guidance in Math.
  • Flexible Schedule

Solution Videos

  • Email me your problems.
  • Problem solving videos for free.

Subjects Offered

Algebra I
Algebra II
College Algebra



Meet MJ

Meet MJ


Hours Tutored


Students Helped

University of the Philippines - Diliman

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

What People Are Saying

Angel Lau

MJ is so smart and reliable. At the same time, he is very patient in teaching. No matter how many times you make him repeat his explanations, he will never do so in a condescending or irritated manner. He also reassures you by giving you a clear outline and goals/targets that you can realistically reach, making you feel confident you’ll pass your upcoming exam. 😊

Kelsey Peña

It was an easy and chill experience. I was able to learn at my own pace because we had one on one sessions. When I didn’t understand or needed to clarify something, he would explain it again until I got the problem, or how the numbers/variables were solved. He was also easy to talk to so I could keep asking questions. From my tutor sessions, I was able to really understand my lesson and get techniques on how to solve them faster and better. I was able to get an A in my following tests. Also, I only had to go for a few times (2-3) for my statistics subject because I was able to get it right away.

My goals as a math tutor:

  • To guide the students with their homework.
  • To reinforce their understanding of math fundamentals and concepts.
  • To prepare the students until they are confident in taking their exams.
  • To ensure that they understand the past lessons.
  • To teach them advanced math skills in preparation for their upcoming lessons.

Let me be your academic partner!


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